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In using this rabbits-forums.com, terms of use that must be observed at all times. You need to be more than 13 years old to access the services and use this site. You may discontinue using this page should you disagree. Any modifications on the terms of use can be done without prior notice.

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As contributor to the website

5. If you will be posting contents on the website, consequences for not following the terms of use will be at your own risks. If the contents are harmful, bias and may result to harm on the company and its stakeholders, it will be your responsibility. When your account is suspended for reasons of contributing malicious posts, you can never activate it again.

You can post contents and comments but do not:

a. posts contents that will destroy the image of the company;

b. post blogs and contents which are not in-line with the kind of niche this website has;

c. have viruses and malware and other types destructive programs;

d. have pornography and any forms of violence;

e. The content must not be spammy;

Responsible use of this website should be strictly observed.

Payment to services

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Support services

7. You can use the email support system of this website if you need help. The technical support team would be very willing to help you.

Disclaimer of Warranties

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General Representation and Warranty

9. You represent and warrant that your use of rabbits-forums.com will be in strict; with this agreement and with all applicable laws and regulations.